Grapefruit Juice Benefits

Grapefruit Juice Benefits – Live longer and look better

Before we dive right into grapefruit juice benefits, let’s take a second to about its history. Did you know that the grapefruit was originally named “the forbidden fruit” when discovered in Barbados? Well now you do. Luckily, this beautiful treat is all but forbidden today and easily found in your local grocery store!

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5 Common Juicing Side Effects Finally Explained and Addressed

5 Juicing Side Effects – What to do

Juicing should not make you sick, but unfortunately, many juice aficionados believe that’s what cleansing is all about. They view these juicing side effects as a normal part of a cleanse. Perhaps we need a new definition of the word “cleanse”!

I believe a juice cleanse should not involve shocking the body. On the contrary: a cleanse is meant to heal the body. Weight loss can be a by-product of that healing. If you use juice to make yourself sick on purpose, however, your traumatized system will not keep the weight off – plus, you could end up experiencing some of these juicing side effects… Continue reading 5 Common Juicing Side Effects Finally Explained and Addressed

Chard is the new Kale – Juicing Chard

Juicing Chard

Ladies and Gentlemen, say hello to chard –  specifically, Rainbow Chard. It’s everywhere in Northern California: field, farmer’s market, grocery store. It’s a Chard Revolution, and the produce companies have begun the big push.  Juicing chard is the next trend – mark my words. Continue reading Chard is the new Kale – Juicing Chard

Pumpkin Juice Recipe – Fall Favorite!

Kabacha (Japanese) Pumpkin Juice Recipe

It’s almost Halloween! Time for pumpkin carving. You may ask – is it possible to juice a pumpkin? The answer is yes, but this pumpkin juice recipe does not call for your jack-o-lantern scraps. Know that if you use a conventional pumpkin, you are looking at a slimy mess and a major undertaking! Remember carving a pumpkin as a kid? It can take hours! Plus, cutting the rind off the pumpkin meat before it goes into the juicer can be rough on your hands.

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