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5 Common Juicing Side Effects Finally Explained and Addressed

5 Juicing Side Effects – What to do

Juicing should not make you sick, but unfortunately, many juice aficionados believe that’s what cleansing is all about. They view these juicing side effects as a normal part of a cleanse. Perhaps we need a new definition of the word “cleanse”!

I believe a juice cleanse should not involve shocking the body. On the contrary: a cleanse is meant to heal the body. Weight loss can be a by-product of that healing. If you use juice to make yourself sick on purpose, however, your traumatized system will not keep the weight off – plus, you could end up experiencing some of these juicing side effects… or worse, in the doctor’s office!

All preachiness aside, let’s address how to proceed should you hit a bump in the road: these juicing side effects can range from minor annoyances to the more serious.

Most people never get sick from juice cleansing, but if you do, there are a number of things you should know. Knowledge is power, so the more you know, the better!

Common Juicing Side Effects



Juicing HeadacheIf you are consuming a lot of fruit juices, this can happen. Best switch to more vegetable juices like squash, carrot, and sweet potato. You can always supplement with slices of apple, used sparingly, to taste. A glass of coconut water should give you relief. It’s high in minerals, but not too high in sugar. If you get migraines, by all means take your regular medication.

If you get a headache because you are light-headed and hungry, that’s another story. You will want to take a teaspoon of maple syrup in filtered water, with fresh lemon juice. (A version of this tonic, with cayenne pepper added, is a standard in the fasting world). If your pain doesn’t start to subside within twenty minutes or so, try a teaspoon of maple syrup in coconut water. The combination of iron and minerals should help you feel better.


juicing indigestionGas:

This is probably the most common of all juicing side effects. It can either result from the wrong combination of fruits/veggies at play in your system, or it can be caused by a specific fruit or vegetable that doesn’t agree with you.

In my experience, celery and greens are usually the guilty culprits, so you may want to scale back on those ingredients.

A natural gas antidote is fennel, which you can find in the spice section of your grocery store. Used in Indian cuisine as a dessert digestive, fennel works by combining with the contents of your digestive tract, rather than coating it over. Dry fennel is something of an acquired taste and requires much chewing, but it does give quick relief – and it’s safe to use in conjunction with GasX or Mylanta.


Diarrhea:juicing side effects

Another common juicing side effect – this usually clears up after the second glass of juice. It’s caused by too much fiber, or the switch from a diet high in refined foods to one that is completely natural. Add a pinch of iodized salt to each glass of juice you drink until your system clears up, and drink a little coconut water as a precaution against dehydration.


Upset Stomach:

 Help! My juice tasted foul, but I didn’t want to be a wuss, so I chugged it – and then I got sick.

Folks, this is not a contest. You are not on some TV reality show where you have to eat insects in order to win a million dollars. If for some reason, you don’t like your juice, and doctoring it doesn’t help, throw it out! Life is too short.

Drink some fresh lemon juice in filtered water, sit your next meal out, and try again with a different recipe. Never drink a juice ingredient which tastes wrong to you, makes you bloated, or has spoiled. And don’t feel like you “have” to use a particular set of ingredients for health purposes.

Stomach upset

I have the dry heaves, but I feel fine, otherwise. Weird….

You are experiencing a true detox, and this is actually good news! Though a reaction like this is not typical, it can happen – especially if this is your first juice cleanse and you’re coming off heavy amounts of junk food and/or alcohol. This kind of nausea is a blessing, though, because your body is definitely expelling toxins.

The first time I ever did a juice fast, this happened to me. I couldn’t believe it!  I was trying to kick all sugar at the time – even fruit sugars – and I guess the change in diet was too dramatic for my stomach. Another mistake I made was that I didn’t ease into my cleanse with a prep day of raw fruits and vegetables.

To be certain you have not become dehydrated, take a teaspoon of maple syrup in plain water, with a tiny pinch of iodized salt. The maple syrup is loaded with minerals, and you should feel better within twenty minutes or so. If you continue feeling nauseated, switch to coconut water with a pinch of salt, or drink Gatorade. Once things settle down, resume your juice cleanse with plain, juiced apples diluted with water (not green apples, though – they will be too tart).


Help! I got bad diarrhea, then I became nauseous and dizzy, and threw up. 

Your electrolytes may be off, and this must be addressed immediately!!

If you are alone, call someone – even if it’s a neighbor – and alert them that you are in distress. Then, keep your phone on your person no matter what – I don’t care if you have to stick it into your underwear – you must  keep the phone with you until you start to feel better. If you start to pass out, dial 911.

Drink a glass of coconut water mixed with 1/8 teaspoon of iodized salt and 1 teaspoon maple syrup, or a glass of Gatorade. If you take heart medication, call your cardiologist right away. Electrolyte imbalance can cause arrhythmia, which is not to be messed with.



hives side effectsIt’s possible to experience an allergic reaction to a fruit or vegetable you are unfamiliar with. In truth, I’ve never known this to happen; people are usually allergic to things like eggs and soy. Nevertheless, if you should experience this juicing side effect, here’s what to do:

Take a teaspoon of baking soda, stirred into a glass of water. You should start to feel better immediately. If you have Benadryl in your medicine cabinet, take one of those, too. If you have trouble breathing, call for assistance immediately.


We’re not trying to scare you – it’s just that the above side effects are rarely discussed in the juicing world, and it’s important to be prepared.

With the proper knowledge, all of us can have a long-lasting and beautiful juicing journey, with health benefits beyond our wildest dreams!


– Nicole Dillenberg

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