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Pumpkin Juice Recipe – Fall Favorite!

Kabacha (Japanese) Pumpkin Juice Recipe

It’s almost Halloween! Time for pumpkin carving. You may ask – is it possible to juice a pumpkin? The answer is yes, but this pumpkin juice recipe does not call for your jack-o-lantern scraps. Know that if you use a conventional pumpkin, you are looking at a slimy mess and a major undertaking! Remember carving a pumpkin as a kid? It can take hours! Plus, cutting the rind off the pumpkin meat before it goes into the juicer can be rough on your hands.

Pumpkin Juice Recipe

Kabacha (Japanese Pumpkin)

A far better option, in my opinion, is to juice a Kabacha, or Japanese pumpkin. Vetted by Zen Buddhist monks, Kabacha is part of the macrobiotic canon, safe for the immune-impaired, and very easy to digest.

Plus, it’s incredibly delicious! Sweet, and similar in texture to acorn squash when cooked, Kabacha is often used as a dessert food in the macrobiotic community – which shuns sugars. You can find Kabacha in the green or red variety (they taste the same) at Whole Foods, for about $4 each. One Kabacha should yield multiple glasses of juice.

Click here for the full, printable Pumpkin Juice Recipe.

Kabacha (Japanese Pumpkin) Juice:

    • 1 fresh Kabacha, cut horizontally in half, like an acorn squash. You will use one long cantaloup-sized wedge for each glass of juice
    • 1 lemon-sized wedge apple (any variety except Red Delicious or Granny Smith)
    • 2 lemon-sized wedges fresh sweet potato

Using a serrated grapefruit spoon, remove the pumpkin seeds. Carefully cut long wedges with a serrated knife, as you would a cantaloup. Then, using a pairing knife, cut off the outer rind in small pieces (the inner rind will juice fine – really, you are just cutting off the skin). Kabacha moves through a juicer very easily, and so ingredients may be juiced in any order.

  • Sugar content: medium
  • Yield: 6 ounces


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