Why am I turning orange during my juice fast?

Can juicing turn your skin colors?

Turning orange from juicing is actually not that unusual… remember the expression “you are what you eat?” Well, there you go. It’s likely from the carrots you’ve waged war against in days/weeks past. You may have juiced their whole family and desecrated their pulpy remains, but now they’re having the last laugh.

carrot snooki

Seriously, though – it’s no reason to worry (unless it’s actually jaundice)… the Carotene (a Vitamin A precursor) is the culprit. Found also in sweet potatoes and other veggies, carotene taken in excess can result in an “oranging” of the skin, usually most noticed in the palms of the skin and soles. The official term is carotenemia… sounds scary (like Snooki), but don’t worry, you’ll be fine (unless it’s actually jaundice).

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